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Hello hello. I’m currently writing lots of new songs and also guitar music. There will be more than one album coming out and I’m gonna split my music into only guitar and only songs. To this point I’ve got 10 acoustic guitar tunes finished so this will be the first release.
I’ll keep you updated here. You can also follow my instagram or facebook account if you like to see work and progress.

I am also in spotify!

TUbe : beyond TUGraz – Stream zum Nachhören


Streaming concert this Friday! For free, sponsored by TU Graz. See you soon! I am very looking forward to this!

A break out scenario. I moved to Berlin in September. As it is kind of a 2nd living room to me, I miss the stage a lot. Working on new songs in these times, playing a little piano and making plans for the future, seems to be the road to walk for me right now. Maybe there will be some online gigs, but as most of the magic happens with my lovely audience together, it doesn’t make that much sense.

Anyways. I will keep you updated here and on my social media channels. Follow my instagram account to see me goofing around with new song ideas and some covers. Please don’t hesitate to write me for any requests or collabs. Would love to meet you online now or in real life after the doors swing fully open again!